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Question on unfunded milestones, but completed work

Hi! Quick question. I realize now this was totally my mistake, but I'd written several articles for someone. She's paid promptly for all of them, and then asked me to write two more, and to add the milestone to the contract, I did. She's always quickly activated everything, so I started writing. This was my 5th and 6th article for her so figured, it would be like normal. This was on the 21st of August, on the 26th I sent her the first article, and on the 29th send the second. I didn't hear from her, but wasn't too worried, I know she's a busy person. Wednesday, sent a check in note to her, still nothing. I figured, okay, I'll submit the milestones, not a big deal, but then I see they are inactive, and not funded. 


I get that it's my fault for not looking closer, and just going on the assumption we had been working together for 2 months and all was well it would be well, but, without being a pest, is there anything I can do other than just wait? 

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Given that you've been working with her for a while, there's a good chance it's just an oversight. I'd suggest sending her a short note saying you'd tried to submit the milestone completion but realized they weren't active, and would she please activate and approve them. Then, cross your fingers.

Thank you Wes! I guess that's all I can do! I might wait another day or two, since it's a holiday weekend but send her a note Tues. 

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