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Question regarding the timing of getting paid and ending the contract

Good day!


I recently finished a fixed-price contract, and my client told me that he sent me an extra bonus (so it's not a payment from a milestone) right before ending a contract directly afterwards.


However, I've yet to receive the said bonus (It's been about 12 hours since). What I want to know is, does ending the contract stop that bonus from getting to me (since he ended the contract after doing so), or is there really just a delay or holding period, and that I'll just have to wait until I receive it?






Recently one of my clients ended a contract without approving a milestone.

Then after ending the contract he sent me a bonus payment.

It should be in your pending transaction list. The amount would be available in your account later.

If its not in the pending section then the client may not have sent the payment.

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Community Manager

Hi Steven John,


The security period of 6 days applies to all transactions on oDesk. You can check if there is a pending payment if you go to your Reports tab. Additionally, the client can issue a bonus even if the contract has been ended already.

~ Valeria

It's already been a week, and I have yet to receive the bonus. As Mr. Rahatur said, it's not on the pending transaction list. Should I take it that the client never sent a bonus (I hope that this was not the case) or there might have been a problem with oDesk processing the payment?

If the client sent a bonus it would show up right away in Pending. I have had several such bonuses. If something goes wrong with the clients payment of said bonus, that is what the pending time is for, and it throws up a whole lot of flags, you should hope a client never has a payment problem, as it sends you an email about limiting your financial account as well.