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Question to Senior Upworkers & Clients

Hello there,


I am a software engineering student and though have various skills. My question is that I have often read on forums like this that clients do not like a freelancer who is jack-of-all-trades e.g he can do coding,photography and some data entry. They dont like such freelancers.

On the other hand I see the concept of specialized profiles that if you are having some different skills you can make a specialized profile..

The confusion arises that what impact really it leaves on you? I am asking from your personal experience if a person is having totally different specialized profiles (different based on the skills i.e skills arent related to each other) will you just deny his proposal due to this fact that he is having vast skills?

I am planning of making different speciailized profiles ( I know its completely legal here on upwork) but the confusion of its impact is stopping me back.

A detailed and based on personal experience answer will be appreciated. Thanks

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I am usually more comfortable hiring people who specialize. But, if they are the right fit for the job, have a great proposal, a profile with relevant experience, and decent portfolio items, I don't mind too much that they dabble in other stuff too. Heck, the majority of my current billable hours are from projects unrelated to my primary area of expertise.

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