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Question to clients!



I have a question for our clients, but if you're a freelancer and know about the subject, of course, you're welcome; or if you just want to participate... So, it goes like this:

When a freelancer makes an offer containing a really low-price, do you think he/she/other is bad? Or do you always go for the lowest bid?



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naw dude clients don't always go for cheap.

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Exactly, the clients choose what is best for him. And on this platform, they are mostly due to cheap labor.
Clients from LA and NY are the best example of this, often they give such absurd budgets that you do not know whether it is a place holder or current budget for the project

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Juan Diego N wrote:


When a freelancer makes an offer containing a really low-price,

 ...it means that they cannot compete on skills. So they have to compete on price.  Usually, they end up fighting for the worst clients.

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mostly it is the lower bidder who is choosen atleast in graphic designing field and losing a bid doesnt matter but the thing that annoys me is when the client has a particular fixed budget many bid below half the rate client is offering and all this is killing freelancing....


and this is not going to help in long term as client will expect them to do each and every job for low budget...

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