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Questionable Job Posting

Hello, I just applied for a job that is sending red flags like crazy and I was wondering if anyone else has applied? The client is paying an enormous amount of money for editing a book, and sent me some test pages. The pages are in 2 point font with teeny tiny margins, and the text is almost perfect. No spelling errors, no grammatical errors, it's good. He also asked that I format the pages to e-book format. The biggest red flag is that the job posting and all the e-mails he is sending are in horrible broken English. It isn't matching up, and I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with him? I think he is 'testing' everyone then he is going to use the test pages to put the book together and not hire anyone...

It sounds a bit off to me simply because of the sample. Who gives a sample like that? It can't have been the way the person wrote it so they obviously want you to do as much as possible. Is it a new client or does the client have any history? How many other jobs have been posted and has the client ever hired anyone? I don't mind doing reasonable samples (a page or two) but not like this. I would probably give it a miss.

It's exactly my niche but I steered clear because the price was just so silly it was obvious to me there was something odd about it - coupled with the fact that there was no oDesk history. there's no problem with new clients - everyone starts somewhere - but this was such an off-the-wall silly posting for a new client. If it looks too good to be true.... Stay away.

I withdrew my application after noticing he was interviewing 20 people on Odesk and then he was harassing me about finishing the test. I respectfully declined. Just red flags everywhere. I wish I could contact some of the other 'interviewees' to see what they had done. I just didn't understand why the sample was perfect. Also, he had no history on oDesk.

I just got invited to a job that i am NOT applying for. This guy wants to pay someone $220 to "write a letter to Bill Gates" basically convincing him to give the guy $25K. 


One line proposal. No history. The guy just joined today. Doesn't Odesk Screen? I'm tempted to totally pull out.


Is this the guy who's offering various proofreading jobs at astronomical amounts? 

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