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Questionable job posts & What happened to the flag?

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Melinda S Member Since: Nov 22, 2017
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I saw a job for hacking and one that involved downloading an app onto your iPhone and scanning barcodes at Trader Joe's. Hacking is illegal and, for the other, who knows what you're downloading. I know that doing so can give the app (if malicious) the ability to monitor all activity on your phone (financial account info, passwords, identity info, intimate conversations and info, etc.). Is anyone else concerned about these jobs or the reputation of the website as a trusted place to find a job?


Also, I attempted to report both of these job posts, but I could not find the flag. I've seen it before and know where to find it, but today it is nowhere to be found. I tried the app, mobile website, and classic website from my laptop. I looked at FAQs and saw information on them, so it appears they should be there. Is anyone else having these problems?



Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Melinda, 

When you click on a job post, there's a sliding pop-up from the right-hand side of the screen that allows you to view the job post. The "Open in a new window" option should be on the upper left-hand side of that pop-up screen. You should be able to flag job posts from there. 

If you still have the links with you, you can also send to me via a prviate message so that I can share it directly to the Marketplace Quality Team for their review. 

~ Avery