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Questions about a contract...

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Carlos C Member Since: May 27, 2017
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I could not find the answers for these question, that's why I'm posting it on here.


I got a fixed rate contract, but the client "dissapeared" so he is no longer replying to my messages and I already submitted the work.

I know I will get the payment after the 14 days period but...


Will the contract be closed automatically or would I need to close it myself?

Will I be able to get and leave feedback?

Will this affect my Job Sucess Score?


(the amount is funded, and I used the submit button request option)




Community Guru
Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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You'll only get feedback if the client leaves feedback, but I think you are a bit hasty talking about closing the contract when it hasn't even been 14 days since you submitted the work.


Wait and see if the client turns up, under NO circumstances close the contract before you are paid as you will send the funds back to the client if you do that!


you can leave feedback if you do eventually close the contract, but it is wayyyyyyy to early to even think about that.

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Carlos C Member Since: May 27, 2017
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Well, 10 days have passed.... that's not early for me.... thanks for the information. I do not think he will reply since I reported him because he wanted me to work without a contract since the beggining, so.. I don't even know if his account was closed...I believed he was notified and that's why he gave me a contract... who knows


Anyway.. you responded to all my questions. Thank you so much Petra.

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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If the contract becomes one of several that you have without feedback, it may have an impact on your JSS. But, there is nothing you can do about it now. After you are paid, just close the contract and leave your feedback for the client. If he has vanished, at least he won't be around to leave you bad feedback. Woman Happy