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Questions about clients.

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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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Why do some clients invites you up in some interview. Doesn't respond, Hasn't conducted the interview and just leave you with expectation? Is this related to upwork or personal issues or their business?
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Erin B Member Since: Mar 22, 2017
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Hi, Lester...


We've experienced this ourselves, unfortunately.  Being invited to an interview and then never hearing from the prospective client again can be frustrating!


In our personal experience, clients who offer an interview and then don't follow up have one of these reasons for doing so:


  1. Something in their personal or business lives has distracted them and/or made it impossible to respond. 
  2. They’ve decided on a different candidate.
  3. They’re just not courteous or professional enough to follow-through, whatever the reason.

Our suggestion for these scenarios?  Give them a week or two at most, especially around the holidays, when communication tends to slow down while people are on vacation.  Then check the original job posting and see if they’ve hired someone else.  If they haven’t, then try one more polite follow-up message. 


If they don't respond at that point, you may as well move on.  You can always just let your Proposal sit and hope the job is closed in a way that returns your two Connects to you sooner or later. 


Either way, at that point it’s time to move on and apply with other clients who will respect you, the work that you do, and your time.  After all, if the prospective Client is going to treat you that way in the interview stage, how will they treat you once work actually begins?


Good luck!

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Vivek K Member Since: May 28, 2016
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This is not an upwork issue but a reflection on the  communication/ management style of the user.


Some freelancers too apply to jobs but do not respond when contacted back  or respond after several days (or even after several weeks).Similarly the clients too sometimes invite people but either lose interest in the project or go with other people. Most of the people would  atleast leave a message but some do not. There is nothing that upwork can do about it and people should really not care much about it. Definitely atleast a 'Thanks but sorry  'kind of  message is the right thing to do if the freelancer was invited to a job ,but it seriously does not make much difference to the freelancer materially.


 Do not treat your application to an invitation any different from other application. Ofcourse there  is an element of expectation  but You should not expect too much out of an invitation as such expectation  may be misplaced. Clients usually send multiple invitation ( which are sometime well considered and sometimes just random pressing of button) and sometime would go with the first one that respond or never hire anyone for a variety of reason .


If you have received an invitation , You should send a proposal( if you want) and leave it to the client to take it from there as it is for them to initiate interview/ conversation from their end. Stop thinking about it till you hear back and invest your energy in working on/ applying to other paying Jobs.

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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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I like this , thank you for your answer. It is very helpful and put me into thinking that i should expand more of my connects. how about sending them messages? will it help? I had experience sending messages to my client because of his absence and he got embarrased. He archived my proposal. What should i do?
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Erin B Member Since: Mar 22, 2017
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Hi, Lester...


As I mentioned in my initial response, I don’t think there is anything wrong with sending a couple of polite messages over a period of a week or two.  If you haven’t heard anything at that point, I’d just let it go and move on to other prospective Clients.


Having said that, I wouldn’t be pushy or demanding in your inquiries, nor would I send more than one or two over the aforementioned time period.  As for your prospective Client being “embarrassed” when you made inquiries, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.  It sounds like that was a one-off situation, frankly.


Best of luck to you!




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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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Yes i had experience that , I reply oplitely and I got shocked when he told me that He will archive my proposal because he is embarassed. I also experienced that I had to upgrade my internet speed from 3mbps to 15mbps and promised that I will land on the job but weeks later I got no response.
Had to pay bills and now everything is stable.

I just wish to all clients out there, They should have atleast test the skill of the freelancer, It will tell them truth about their skills posted or even prove that their worthy for the position.

May I ask do they also have criteria for age? because maybe I get unfortunate because I am young, But to tell them yes I am young , I love challenges or anything that could help me improve. I love helping others And I dream of being part of a success without getting in return. I am just happy because I am able to inspire others.
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Anil K Member Since: Jan 6, 2019
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Hi Lester,


I understand your side.


Let me tell you the client's side. As a client, everytime I post a job Upwork shows me suggested freelancers that match my job's requirements. I click random freelancers from the list where I only see their success score and amount earned with profle picture and location. Also I see their profile title. These details are usually enough to decide whom to invite.


Now, when I start receiving proposals including those who are invited by me, I see so many good and average profiles and proposals that I have to decline those who least match my requirements. Those I reject are not always necessarily low profiled or less experienced, but sometime they are from locations that I would least prefer.


Your profile is a good fit for many clients, but for some clients, your profile is less worthy and they have no choice but to leave you. As I client, I try to be polite and at least I thank all freelancers for applying. Later, I also explain them that I will get back to them later.


I wish you luck for your next big job.


Hope this helps!

Cheers Smiley Happy

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Lester B Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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Wow I appreciate your reply sir. Thank you for encouragement I will do much better to gain more opportunities. I love this thread now, Filled with compassion , positivity thanks to all your replies have a nice day!