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Questions about "In progress" contracts



I completed a few contracts 1 - 2 weeks ago and still shows "In progress" on my profile. The clients didn't end the contract, and I know that they are not ongoing contracts. I did claim the funds and should show up in my bank account in the next 1 - 3 business days. My questions are:


- If I claimed the funds, is there anything else that I should be aware of before closing the contract?

- If I close the contract, does this affect my JSS?

- Where do I go to close the contracts?

- Will showing on my profile that I have many contracts "In progress" when they weren't closed by the client show potential clients that I have too many contracts to work on their contract? 


Yes. Client have 14 days then to leave own feedback. Able to do or ignore.

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Wait for money first. Then you can close contract yourself, you have option. It wont affect JSS

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Where do I go to close the contract?

If you get no reviews nor feedback, does that affect your JSS?

Which ones affects JSS? Reviews, feedback, or both.

Do the stars only have affect on the JSS. 

3dot icon - close.

No. If you mean  feeback at all.

Both. You cannot type text without stars.

Private feedback stars + public feedback stars.

No feedback - no affect. And again, feedback is stars (required) + text (optional).

I attached a screenshot of the 3dot icon and there is no option for closing the contract. I found this under the "All contracts" session. Is this the correct place?

Try here. Enter contract then


Thank you. One more question: I have an hourly contract open. I finished the milestone weeks ago, and wanted to see if there was a way to show that I completed it in order to add to total jobs on my profile. 

The client still wants to keep it open, however, it may be weeks until I work on another assignment with the client. Where do I go to submit the milestones for hourly contracts? I only see this on fixed rate contracts.   

No milestones for hourly: it is opened or closed.

Thank you. Circling back to the closing contracts, I forgot to ask, if the freelancer closes the job, will the client be alerted that the contract was closed? Will the client receive a notification email to leave any reviews and/or feedback?

Yes. Client have 14 days then to leave own feedback. Able to do or ignore.

Thank you. 

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