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Questions after profile validation

Hello guys!


My profile has been blocked for a few days for some strange reason `irregular activity` and I did have to `verify my identity` after that. We are done with it on Monday and I'm glad it's in the past.


But after that a have a few question about my situation right now, I asked them from support but didn't get an answer within 48 hours. My ticket: Request #20512772.


1. When I was blocked all my money was reversed to the clients. After unblocking support told me to ask my clients send my money back as a `one-time bonus`. My clients are great so they return money back, but one of them didn't get money back from Upwork. To prove that he sent me screenshots. In my profile I see money was reversed, so where is the money and who can send them back to me?


2. My profile now is such a mess because some feedbacks returned, some didn't. I have `awaiting feedback for the client` contract (which we reopened already) with inappropriate reasons for a closing which I don't want to use. Like `Client failed to pay` or `Job not as described` etc.

What should I do with that contract?


3. I know `Top rated` status can be sent to freelancers who weren't be blocked. Although, in my status, I have a `Recent account holds: 0` I still wanna ask. I hope this holding won't affected on getting `Top rated` status?


4. How can I protect myself from holding like this in the future? Or people who just start their freelance business? Can I pass additional verification or something like this? Because It was really stressful days 🙂


Thanks in advance!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Dmitrii,

I have just generated your profile manually, can you double check your feedback and confirm that everything is as it should be?
3. No this should not affect you for becoming Top Rated as long as you fulfill all of the requirements, to learn more about this check out Become Top Rated.
About your 1th and 4th questions one of our team members will contact you via ticket, since private details are involved we can`t discuss them publicly

~ Goran

Hey, Goran V!


Thanks for checking. I still didn't see some feedbacks and some of them have `No feedback given` description. But I think it's okay, that's because contracts were refunded and I didn't return the money for it. I think it will be better when all clients will return the money.


Okay, I'll discuss other questions with support.

Hello, Goran V.


Could you help me again? With all my clients I solved all problems with money. Except one.

He returned my money but for it, he created a new job with very strange name and gave me feedback worse than the original work. You can see in my profile it names `xyz`. I think client already annoyed that I bother him with all that process of returning the money and now he doesn't answer my messages.

Eventually, because of blocking, I have not such a good feedback with a strange name instead (you can check it) perfect feedback.

What will we do about it?

I could provide the history of messages with the client and you can see everything is okay there.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Dmitrii,

I`m glad to hear that everything is resolved on your end.
Unfortunately the contract title will remain as it is, about the feedback you can use the Enable to Change feedback option.

This will be showed on your contract after 14 days from the moment it was closed, keep in mind that you can use this option only once per contract.

If you have any additional questions let me know.

~ Goran

Yes, I did that. But the client didn't response to me. Can Upwork team help with that? I think it's a bit unfair 🙂

I think that fact that you answered me nothing means you will not to help me.

Now I see that I had 90% Job Success rate, and that's all because of your mistake guys, and you do nothing to help me.

Great job, thanks.

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