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Quick question about paypal

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Andres G Member Since: Feb 1, 2018
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My brother recently created an Upwork account and his paypal account is not verified, and he can't verify it anytime soon for a variety of reasons.


Can he add his email (the one he uses for upwork) to my paypal account as a side email and use it to withdraw his earnings to my paypal?


According to upwork's description for paypal withdrawals, there shouldn't be a problem with that, but I want to make sure it doesn't violate the TOS or anything.


Thanks in advance for your replies.

Community Guru
Jo-An B Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Hi Andres,
The email address on his PayPal account needs to match the email address on his Upwork account in order for him to withdraw his earnings. He can either add an additional email address to his PayPal account or change the email address associated with his Upwork account to match his PayPal email. Your brother's financial information must be under his own name. He cannot use anyone else's financial account on Upwork.

~ Jo-An

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Andres G Member Since: Feb 1, 2018
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Thank you very much for your reply, I wanted to make sure about that. Guess he will have to wait until he can verify his own paypal account.