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Quitting Upwork

I've used Upwork for almost a year now and have no luck. I've submitted or received hundreds of proposals. Those that were denied, left unresponded to, or were responded to but never ghosted by clients were scams. And that seems to be all this website is: scams. Sure, you can report the scam proposals or jobs, but Upwork does little to keep fraud or scams from its site. Without requiring verified payment, this website has become flooded with scams and fraud. And if there are real clients on the site, few of them follow through with accepting or denying a proposal. I've had almost fifty possible clients stop responding, neither closing their proposal nor saying whether I've been hired. For any new Freelancers considering this site, don't. Upwork does very little to help freelancers clean up their own websites. Like Fivver, this site is a lagoon of wasted potential, immersed in fraud, phishing, and scam. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry about your experience on Upwork. Unfortunately, I see you've already closed your account but do note that if you choose to give Upwork another chance our team and our community will be happy to provide guidance and tips for identifying good jobs, as well as identifying red flags. We understand the position new users find themselves in when starting out on Upwork and are working on expanding our in-product messaging and resources available throughout the platform, which contain valuable information about using available Upwork features and processes in order to identify the types of offers that violate Upwork TOS and differentiate them from a valid job opportunities.

We do have systems and a team in place to address the situation around scam and spam jobs, including higher than usual volumes of scam posts, constantly changing methods of scam accounts and gaps in user education around Upwork TOS and safety. We'll also continue sharing users' feedback with the team and providing updates to the Community about team's initiatives in this respect, like the updates in this post.

~ Vladimir
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