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REPEATED JOB POSTS BY NEW CLIENTS: Likely Scams with Contact Info

Been noticing that there have been many new clients posting the same job post over and over again in 5 minute intervals, making it hard for us to look through genuine new client job posts, why doesn't upwork limit job postings by unverified new clients in a day?


And almost all of them are vague, likely scams, with links and contact details, how can I flag every single one of them when it occupies 40 out of 50 job posts a page?


Why doesn't upwork somehow prevent publishing those with one liner job posts or ones with contact information?


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If you can notice this, so can Upwork. They should not be allowing such obvious violations of their ToS to keep happening, or to ever have happened at all, actually..

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Hi Shabbir,

The people who are posting the same jobs over and over again are generally scammers, so avoid applying for those jobs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam posts on the board right now. You're right to look for posts with more detailed information.

I put together some tips for doing searches that will help to screen out posts with contact information (lately scammers like to try to get people to communicate off platform on channels like Telegram and WhatsApp). It's a bandaid solution, but it does filter out some of the scam posts.

You should also check out this post. It explains red flags for scams:


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