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Why is my responsiveness is changed even if I respond to every invitation in 24h?

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Now it is even worse, and I don't get an invitation.

That's probably not why you're not getting invitations. That's not a bad response rate at all. It's a lot better than mine, and I still get a lot of invitations.

I new here and I have fewer invitations.  But I respond to all within 24 hours. Now statistic is back to normal. I guess it was a problem with the site. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ljubisa, 

As noted no your screengrab, you responded to 7 out of 8 invitations to apply in the past 90 days. I've checked your My Stat page and can see that the number of invitations to apply on your account has increased.


One of the best ways you can demonstrate your professionalism to your clients and potential clients is to reply quickly to job invitations. Replying doesn't necessarily mean accepting. Declining jobs you don't want and informing us about spam are equally important. You can set your profile to private if you are busy, on vacation, or cannot reply to invitations for any other reason.

~ Avery
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Yes, I know all of that.  But now it back to normal. 

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