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Racist client What can I do?

I tell you..


A client has abused me in every possible way! And now I feel that I am losing.


My original treatment with this client was 0.6 for every second video, the request for a video for his daughter's wedding which lasted 90 seconds, made several changes, and after it was finished, he only said that it was very long, and that I would only pay me 60 seconds ... I felt really scammed, to which I tell him that he must pay me complete, it was when everything started...


He started calling me drug addict, for being from Colombia, he made homophobic comments (attached tests)


I have written to Upwork, and I have reported your messages, but your account is still working and they still don't answer me...


It has also left a very bad review in my profile, saying that I request money from PayPal, which I never did...


Should I keep a bad review and there is no way to eliminate it, even when I received racist comments?



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Just report that client to the Upwork support team. They will take care of it and even remove the review if it's false. You had the right to ask him for the full payment and did nothing wrong to be treated that way. Just open a ticket and explain it to the Upwork support team as soon as possible. They will probably reach out to you once they see this post. Good luck, Armando.

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Pushing the review down the page was helpful. But, it will be even more helpful if you can get a few clients to close contracts and leave a review. 
Send your screenshots with evidence of the threats and bad behavior to Upwork. If they took place in messages, you can flag the message by clicking on the three dots. 


Hi Armando,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this client. I can see you were able to report their messages, we thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take every report of suspicious or inappropriate activity seriously. Every report is sent directly to our Trust and Safety team for investigation. That said, please keep in mind that we're unable to disclose our team's process or the results of our investigations, for security reasons. We appreciate your understanding. 


I can see you were able to submit a support ticket with the team as well. They'll be reaching out to you directly there in order to assist you further. You'll receive an email notification once they reply.

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