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Raising rates on a long-term gig/client

Hi Upworkers,

(Moderators this is somewhat my first long post and if there's anything against Upwork guidelines, please pardon me for that).


So I just realized today that I haven't increased my rates since Sep 2016 (this was the last time I did). You must be thinking what on earth I was doing all this time? Well, I was working and was happy but the thought of increasing never came. Two days back I thought I should ask my client for whom I have been working with the past 10-11 months, earlier it was part-time then he asked me to work full-time and I agreed working on 40 hours a week although he asked me to work more than that (50-60 a week).


So the thing is how to I approach him for this. Please don't suggest me to simply inform him I am increasing my rates and if he can afford me we can move forward otherwise. That may look right for a lot of people here but I simply don't believe in that, I value relations and for that reason I prefer talking out rather then broadcasting my message.


One of the reason I will be revising my rates is that next month I will be moving to another city (suburb to a village) with my family for a month or two just to stair away from typical city life and I may have to spend more money than I am doing right now in my own town. This will not be a vacation but just for some change in my life.


This is one of my highest paying (in-terms of longevity) gig and a role that I kind of enjoy because I overlook a few SEO campaigns some of them are huge and others small. I look after writers and work with developers to ensure everything is upto the mark. Since comitting to full-time I have always reach my weekly threshold, which is one of my strengths because my client has complained of how some other guys never fulfill their comitted hours. I don't make excuses and I am always willing to help.


I don't really think I should be preparing some portfolio to send him to get what I want because I think it's kind of lame if my client needs files to realize that I have been performing well, otherwise why would he be giving me work if I am doing bad?


Really looking forward to hear from you guys!


P.S - I am thinking about increasing my current rate by $2 so if its $8 now I will go with $10.



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Abdul, your client might think that a 25% price hike after less than a year and when they are giving you more hours AND your fee's just dropped to half to be a little steep...


I'd wait until the 1 year anniversary and then discuss it with the client nicely. The best idea is to get the client to suggest an amount so you have a basis for negotiation.


You can also increase your profile rate and apply that to any new contracts.


That said, your client's average hourly rate paid is over $ 25... so they are not primarily cost driven. I'd still wait until the one year anniversary and use that as a conversation opener.




Did I say Amazing Petra? I'd say now! Thanks for that amazing feedback on my question. I think you are right, although the client asked me to digitally sign a contract that said the work would last for 6 months and might be renewed if both parties agreed. But that never happened and neither I remembered that clause. I think I should wait for another 20 days and then shoot him an email.


Thank again!

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