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Random hourly job offer with no job details...

Hi. I got a random job offer without any details. I sent a chat message to find out more because I can't just accept a job without any information on the job I'm accepting. I want to make sure I have the skills to complete the work. I'm attaching a screenshot. He has not responded. Thanks. Taylor


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I looked at your screenshot. This isn't a random job offer. The job is clearly identified: Facebook advertising.


If you have expertise and experience with Facebook advertising, then feel free to communicate with the client to ask more about the job. If you aren't interested in working in that niche, then simply decline the invitation.


Also, if you need MORE information before accepting the job offer, then ask the client some questions.

Which you already did.


Now you are waiting for him. It hasn't been that long since you sent him a message. Be patient.


If he never gets back to you at all, then this is probably not a client you want to work for. So if he never replies, don't accept the contract offer. It will go away on its own.

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I don't think "Adfjh" is in the US. Could be wrong... 

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  • 9 times out of 10 it is a scam. The client will ask for your email address and send you an email to download something. Don't do it. 
  • The safe thing to do is ask for more details and do not accept the offer until you are sure you want it. 
  • It is also fishy if the location on client's account doesn't exist or the account is only a few days old. 
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Hypothetically, if the job is 100% a scam, but the payment is varified, what would happen if he accepted the contact and just started clocking in?

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If the card is stolen the monies will be charged back later and Upwork will not pay the protection using the 'involved in a fraud' clause.

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