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Rapid increase of Scam/Fraud Job Post on Upwork

Hello there,

8 out of 10 Job posts are either fake or scam (Telegram/Whatsapp/Zoom).

I have notice that there's a rapid increase of scam job posts where new clients with no experience & unverified payment method list a job post linking to telegram / Zoom / Whatsapp. Then on private chat they send you an Interview ID or Number.

It straight wasting of time and connects.


I think upwork should have some type of fitlering algorithm before posting such adds. Upwork should dismiss the automatic approval of job posts and should have algorithm /filter applied before approval or at least have an automatic scam detector.

As upwork keep rising fees everytime this is not acceptable in any sense.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hardik, 

I understand the frustration but I'd like to assure you that our Trust & Safety team is aware of the problem and is taking it seriously. They are working to address the issues, including higher than usual volumes of scam posts, and constantly changing methods of scam accounts. Feel free to check an update in this post for more information about the team's efforts around addressing these issues, and this Terms of Service Reminders test that was recently rolled out.

Please also note that Connects are returned for job posts closed by Upwork for violating the Upwork Terms of Service. You can check your Connects History to see the Connects that have been refunded back to you. 

~ Avery
Community Member

It's really annoying ! As i'm newbie  on upwork , innitially i lost my  so many connects for this type of scam job post . They post with : 

   -unrealiable budget,

  - provide their email address with job post ,

  - unverified payment method ,

  - once they knock for interview then they want to contact outside of upwork like Telegram or             ask for whatsapp Contact number .


Upwork's should  take a step for stop these job post !

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I experience the same thing recently! Almost all the jobs which I get invitation are from scammers which is really frustrating. I flag them all the time but keep on getting those invitations. Hope upwork will take necessary action against those scammers. 

One good way to notice if a job is a scam is to look at how many invites they sent. I have hired on Upwork in the past and would send 5 - 10 invites max to start. If they're sending invites to everyone, you can be sure it's a scam.

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Hi Every one,
I think these days a lot of scammers are coming. I think If Upwork has some marketing team that can market their experienced freelancers to reliable employers then it will be great. I hope Upwork will take some steps to help us. @Avery O 

Thanks and all the best.

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"...and constantly changing methods of scam accounts" - seriously? The vast majority of them basically look alike. Life is really easy for scammers here, they just have to copy and paste their posts over and over again. 

That's with any scammer. If they would just put a little more effort and detail, they might fool more people!

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