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Rate job feature

How does the rate (dislike) job feature work? More specifically, how is our feedback taken into consideration when displaying jobs in the future? I generally like this new addition (that only became available to me today), but I am a little hesitant to use it. I am worried that if I downvote a job post for a German/English translation to Swedish with the reason "doesn't match my skills" for example, it will go hide all German/English jobs from me in the future, when it fact, it should just not display the Swedish ones since I don't speak Swedish. Thanks 


There's a thread about this feature:




It is still not working properly for me (using Chrome)... it comes and goes all the time.

What I find interesting is I do NOT have it on my bedroom laptop, but it DOES show on my livingroom laptop. Weird.

That's really thoughtful of them...so you can get some sleep...  Smiley Happy

When you have a disability like mine, you work where you can, when you can.


I do appreciate their thoughtfullness though 🙂

Works in Chome for me, but not Firefox


Thanks, Ela. I forgot about that thread and did not have access to that feature when it was posted. I couldn't find a post that answered my question though, perhaps a mod could address it?