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Rate oDesk for the year 2014

Community Leader
Manoj Kumar P Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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With only days remaining until the end of the year 2014, I am conducting a short survey on your overall satisfaction level in working at oDesk for the year 2014. I kindly request everyone to participate in this short survey.


Please rate your overall experience/satisfaction in working at oDesk for the year 2014 on a scale of 1 to 5 and also give the reason.


1 - Not a good experience/Not satisfied


2 - Could have been better


3 - Good, I'm satisfied!


4 - Great!!


5 - I love oDesk!


Thank you very much in advance for your time and participation.




Survey Results (Last Updated on 1-3-2015) :


                                                                    Total Participants : 7

                                                                         Average Rating : 2.14



Still counting ....

Community Guru
Mattia G Member Since: Mar 10, 2014
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According to my experience so far, I'd go for a 4. You can always do better, I think, but my first year on oDesk has been very pleasant, indeed. Thanks for the survey!





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Community Guru
Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Sorry to say, 2 - Could have been better. Reason: oDesk has become too client-centric. Good freelancers are not showing up in client searches as a result of the oDesk "mad robots" (aka various algorithms supposedly implemented to ensure the best client job to freelancer match), and the search for jobs features available for freelancers do not work well at all for me.


Hopefully, next year will be much better for everyone.

Edited 01/09/2015 RT/lwm

Active Member
Ian Stephen T Member Since: May 12, 2010
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1. We can barely get any jobs here after the merger with elance. Odesk changed something on their system. It's either we don't get any notifications, we're getting trash job posts from unverified clients or according to old clients they can't search our profiles anymore. 


I also learned from some of the top freelancers here that they're having the same issues. Their jobs shrinked to almost nothing compared to what they're getting from 2013. Some already left odesk. Those who are lucky were able to contact their big clients and are now working with them outside odesk.

Odesk please fix your system. You're alienating your hardworking and loyal freelancers responsible for putting you on the top spot. Fire your IT guy and get your system back to the way it was. Let the income flow back in again.  

Community Guru
Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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I had been absent from odesk since December 2013 and started odesking(don't mind the grammer) this november only. But seeing the lack of response I am getting from job applications along with my project ending in a long quarrel and dispute with a racist client, I will have to give odesk the very minimum 1. I can see posts from some very established freelancers on this forum who are angry with new odesk features like autohide and I really feel that odesk support should start taking some actual action against the complaints instead of just calming down the unsatisfied contractors(I know that you are sorry for my unpleasent experience but now I want you to do something about it)


Had I been active last december on this forum, I would have given odesk 5+.  

Community Guru
Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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2- at best. Reason for the low rating is the scaling back of once functioning and useful features such as the ability to generate an annual transaction report or last worked date on the profile and the introduction of questionable features that besides not having been thought through properly, are riddled with bugs, i.e. the new/soon to be outdated milestone system or this forum.

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Gabriele D Member Since: Jan 31, 2014
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I can just about give a 2, this is the only year I have been here, trying to start a new freelance career in translation. It helped me to gain some experience, but after a while I noticed that the best rates here will not even cover the bills so I had to look elsewhere and research the industry. I more than doubled my rates which makes it a career to consider staying in, I do look and apply for jobs here occasionally now but I do not have much hope in getting any anymore. Except one client who then hired me through another site.


The low rating is just due to the fact that you can't live on the rates paid here for translation therefore professional translators or those who are any good will soon leave ODesk. 

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Hassan F Member Since: Dec 25, 2014
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I had ups and downs on Odesk so I would give it 3.

You should improve the customer support and Odesk risk managment team