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Rate shown for a returning client on a new offer.

Hi friends,



Right now, Upwork is showing previous rate to the returning clients and I'm getting offer letters with previous rates. I want Upwork to show current rate of a freelancer to the clients when they makes a new offer.

Let me know your suggestion friends.

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Hello Pooja,


When exactly have you updated/changed your rates?

Do not remeber the exact date but it was 1st or 2nd of April.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Pooja,

I checked your account and I can see that one of our agents already checked this and explained the details to you.

Your clients are determining the rate your hired on the offer sent, when you change your rate that is listed on your profile and your clients can view your new hourly rate. Thank you!

~ Goran

Thank you for your reply Goran. yes, I already discussed the issue with customer support and they asked me to post my suggestion here as well.


The clients can see my new rate on my public profile but the returning clients need not to go to my public profile to send me an offer. Upworks shows them the old rate only in the offer form.

You have two options with returning clients:

Explain nicely that you have raised your rate (because you are so incredibly sought-after!) or

Go with the old rate if it isn't vastly different.


I've done both.

Thank you for your reply 🙂


Yes, now I always asks my clients to send me a new offer with my new rate. I mostly work with returning clients so each time I have to do this. Upwork shows them the rate that I have worked for them on the last project, so for some returing clients, they are showing my 1 or 2 years back rate.

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Pooja, are you sure that clients aren't seeing your current rate? When I look at your profile, I see a rate of $20/hour. But, I also see that all of your previous jobs have been performed at a lower rate, so it is not unusual for a client to try to get you to work for the lower rate that appears to be your norm.


Yes, for a returning client, they see my old rate on an offer form. Usuallay, returning clients do not go to our public profile to see our new rate. I have a project on my new rate $20/hour but it is not yet displayed on my public profile.

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