Rate your Experience? Real life or as Freelancer?

Hello everyone,


Let me first apologize because I posted this question in another thread but I noticed it was very old and probably inactive. I could not figure out how to delete it so I am sorry for the double post. Please delete it if I am breaking any community rules.


I have a question regarding the experience level and what it pertains to exactly. I am setting up my profile as a VA and I am not sure if this question pertains to real life experience being an administrative assistant  and working in office environments etc. (I would choose expert if that were the case) or if it pertains to working as a freelancer online. As a freelancer, I am a beginner and it is my first time on this website.  I do have experience working remotely as I currently live in Uruguay and most companies here are back offices for international names. I am not sure if I should put intermediate? I am also a native English speaker if that helps at all.


For the rate', I was going to put USD$15 because I am starting out but I did notice that non-native speakers had that same rate so I'm not sure.


Thanks in advance!




Welcome to the freelancing world. If you are confident you can work as a freelancer and in your skills by all means set your rate at what you are worth and your experience level the same. The levels don't make  much difference. I have worked entry level and intermediate as well as expert level jobs. I sent mine at intermediate as I am comfortable with that although I most like would fall into the expert level.


I get invites for all levels of work. So whatever you feel comfortable with. Your rate is what you want to make and what you feel you should make. Remember there is a fee to Upwork you should be calculating into that rate.



Thank you, Suzanne!


Yes, it's tricky because since I am starting out as a freelancer I am not sure if I can put expert even if I have worked in office settings for over 10 years. Maybe intermediate would be fine.


I didn't think of the upwork fee when calculating my fee.  Thank you so much for mentioning that. Then I wonder if US$20.00 is too high for clients? I am just starting out and I do see some charge USD$7.00 but who can live off of that? I sure can't. This is so tough!


Thanks again!