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Rating is lower than 100%


My rating becomes lower than 100% 3 months ago.

I'm top rated freelancer. I've finished 38 project with 5 stars feedback, 6 of them during last two months.
Only client forget to leave feedback more than year ago. And my rating was 100% all time. 
But now it is 99%. Can you please help me to understand what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.



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99% is excellent. On your "My Stats" page, what does it say for "Clients who would recommend you"?


Read this carefully


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Ivan, please don't take this wrong, but so what?


My JSS also dropped to 99% after months at 100% a couple months ago and has stuck there. It's fine. In fact, in practical terms, it is absolutely no different.


I do actually know exactly what caused my drop, but you may never...maybe a client gave you a 7 in "would recommend" behind the scenes, or maybe you had a contract that was open too long. Whatever. 99% is a great rating and you haven't done anything "wrong." What you did wrong will be the last thing on a client's mind when he/she sees 99%.

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Hi Ivan,


In addition to what our friends have explained, I just want to encourage you, if you still have not, to review the information here about how the Job Success Score is calculated.

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