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Ratings and Feedbacks

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Ravi S Member Since: Apr 14, 2015
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Although, I maintained a good 4.99 rating ... I just got tangled with a client that wanted a paper written within 24 hours on a chemical compound, he promised a bonus if the paper was good and completed in time. After I completed the job, sent it to him, he ended the contract and instead of releasing a bonus he gave me 3 stars and requested a refund. I contacted oDesk support and filed a dispute ... with a plagiarism report... (0 % similarity) and requested that his feedback be removed... because the client ... is a liar and probably does not understand anything (thats why he hires people like me to do his academic work... instead of doing it himself) ... he probably gave me a 3 star rating for fun... he is not coming back to oDesk... but I work here... this system... leaves freelancer vulnerable to the whims and fancies of clients such as these.... imagine if someone ... for fun.. hires me for a 20 dollar job and after it is completed .... just for fun leaves a 1 star rating... and there are many people out there.... who are like this. 


I started interviewing clients eversince this has happened... and if I get the slightest hint that they will be leaving me with a bad rating... I will not work ... even if the salary is good... this system is lop-sided... O desk must have a system to review feedbacks and ensure that feedback are fair and based on facts ... not the emotional state of the client or freelancer.  

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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I am avoiding such clients too. But you never know when you end up working with one.
Best thing is avoid the dispute and complete the project in time and within budget. Be it at a loss. Because if you survive there would be plenty of work in the future.

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Mitch M Member Since: Apr 14, 2015
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Hmm.. and I thought providers could hide feedbacks somehow.. I hired a girl thinking she had great feedbacks but now i notice all her bad feedbacks maybe hidden just as the poor feedback she got from me.

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Ravi S Member Since: Apr 14, 2015
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Well, I never hide my feedbacks and although you are right that you can hide bad feedbacks, you will be able to see the % of 'job success rate' if the bad ratings are hidden and only good ratings show, but the job success rates are less than 100%, then something is amiss... unless your math is as bad as your perception of life... My mom always said, if you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all, but then there are people who love to shout out loud how they were victimised... hmmm .. guess some people get their kicks from hurting others... just because they were hurt.. no difference between bad clients and bad freelancers... sometimes 

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Lyam B Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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Ravi, unfortunately we've all had clients who simply aren't willing to work with us, expect the impossible and set their expectations way too high.


However, I know there are two sides to every coin. I'm not implying everything you've said is false, but I'm sure there's more to it than that. For example, you left the client a 1.9 rating which leads me to believe you both had issues. I believe your rating to the client was perhaps unjust, or maybe it was based on emotions. Either way, the client gave you a 3, and you gave him a 1.9. Two sides to every coin.


Also, a plagiarism test doesn't mean much. All my work is at least 95% unique, but that doesn't mean the work is of high quality.


To clarify, I'm not taking sides: I'm simply basing opinions on facts.


Smiley Wink


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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I may not make myself too popular with this reply, but i think there's a bit of moral ambiguity going on here. the mosttelling part of your complaint is this:


"(thats why he hires people like me to do his academic work... instead of doing it himself)"


You pride yourself on your unique content and lack of plagiarism - yet you take on jobs for people who are more than highly likely paying someone to do their academic work. so what do you really expect? If the job you take on is dishonest from the start, then there's a very good likelihood the client is also dishonest in his/her other dealings.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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SB, I totally agree with your position

Hey, wasn't it PH that recently introduced the use of the word "immoral" to Community posts? I'm seeing a lot of posts lately using the words immoral and moral.

Is it really immoral vs moral, or is more likely unethical vs. ethical? Where's our word nerds when we need them? So much for my own "popularity score"

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Ravi S Member Since: Apr 14, 2015
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The Client came back, paid me a Bonus and revised my feedback to a 4.98, then asked me to do another assignment, I declined, I gave him a 1.9 because after it was agreed that I will deliver within 24 hours... he kept bugging me to show him what I had done... every hour or so, because he was afraid ... I suppose, but I told him that it was agreed that I will deliver in 24 hours.. and his reply "show me now" ... so I ignored him for an hour or two ... finished up his work... (kept my students waiting) and submitted his work WAY before the deadline... and then he became suspicious... that I might have copied and pasted or did some silly thing like that... basically this guy was a complete nightmare... I gave him 1.9 stars ... because I did not want other freelancers to experience the same thing... anyway... he revised my rating... I was happy... but... I know students well enough ... this guy has issues beyond his own comprehension

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Ravi S Member Since: Apr 14, 2015
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Yes Lyam,  you are correct and I am well aware that you are not taking sides, but in this case, trust me, the client was not really aware of the impact that his feedback had on my profile, because after I told him, and said I will give him a refund and post the work I did for him on my blog (which means he would not be able to submit his work due to plagiarism), he was more than willing to change the feedback after I allowed him to change feedback. There is always more than 1 side to a coin, but my reputation is all I have and I am going to keep it that way.    There 'endeth' this client's lesson

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Ravi, "I started interviewing clients...." Well stated, kudos! I reached a similar conclusion myself.