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Re: Add Sinhalese to translation languages

Hi Goran,


Thank you or your response. I am new to Upwork and just wondering how to add my native language (Sinhalese) and the language pair in which I to translations when it is not listed in the Language Skills area. When I try to type "Sinhalese" it says "This skill is not recognized". 


Please see the attached screenshot.

This is the 'Experience Level' stage of the creation of cprofile I guess. 


Can you help me with this please?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ashan,


I checked and see you already managed to make the necessary selection and proceed further with creating your profile. Please make sure to provide all the required information, add the language pair you mentioned in your overview section and submit your profile for approval. Feel free to follow up if you have any questions.

~ Vladimir
Community Member

Hi, Vladimir,


Thank you for the prompt response. What happened was to proceed only I selected Dutch English as my translation language pair but I actually want to make it Translation - English Sinhala. I really don't do Dutch English translations but I selected it to see whether at least tat would help me proceed. But this field does not allow to type Language pairs which are not listed their. That is where I am stuck and the profile page does not proceed without entering it. 

When I try to type Sinhala and hit enter it gives an error message saying that it is an incorrect language skill. 

Just wondering how to resolve this!




Hi Ashan,

Unfortunately at the moment your language is not listed as a skill. I have already sent your feedback to our Product manager for a review.
You can list your language on your profile but not as a skill only under Languages.

~ Goran

Thank you Goran for helping with this. 

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