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Re: Billing Issues

I have to report a serious problem because of 'manual entry' of hours. For some of my regular clients I frequently entered the hours worked manually, according to the agreement, I had with my clients. I usually enter the hours before the timelog review deadline and this week too, I had entered around 12 hours of work. Sadly though, its been more than 24 hours and the amount that should have been displayed in my pending payments isn't being displayed at all. Only the work that I did while I used the tracker is being shown. 


I asked about the problem in detail to a livechat personnel, and proved that I had done just what I was supposed to do, yet my money is still not with me. The personnel notified me that my issue had been sent to the engineers as well, but its been hours and I haven't got any reply. Before today, I had to bear similar technical problems, but it had never gotten this serious. Really, the people at oDesk have to start seeing this problem seriously. 


You just have to wait a little, it will be on your report list soon 🙂