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Re: Error on Profile Creation



I am attempting to create my profile as a freelancer, but keep receiving the error message that "this field is required", but no field is indicated and every field is entered and answered. 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Angela,


In order to help you with this, please take screenshots of the page where you have filled all the fields before and after clicking the Save and Continue button, and submit a Support request.

~ Vladimir

Okay, but once I click on the link to submit a support request, I do not see how to then submit it when that page opens?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Angela,


Please check the private message I just sent you. You can access it by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper-left corner.

~ Vladimir

Good afternoon Vladimir G, the next one is to ask for help with the realization of my profile which has been rejected and in this way to do it correctly and be approved and start working as soon as possible thanks

Hi Juan Alberto, 

Please check the email sent to you by the team about updating your profile. Once updated, please resubmit your profile so that it can be reviewed. 

~ Avery



I wonder if you can help me, im also having the same problem... 🙂


thank you!

Hi Joanna,


Which field is highlighted with red when you see the error? If it's the field where you need to add your skills, please make sure that you select skills from the drop down menu that shows when you start typing the keyword.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


All fields are answered and there's no indication of which field is missing. ''This field is required'' appears under ''what languages can you translate?'' but its already answered.


Im wondering if this is an issue from the actual browser? im using google chrome.

Ok, i've tried creating my profile on Internet explorer and its working perfectly! its a browser issue.


Thank you for your time!:)


Regards, Joana

Hi I have the same error. I cannot select anything on te options. The site dont display aniting there1.JPG2.JPG

Hi Karla,


Please note that IE is no longer a supported browser, which is the most likely reason why you're seeing the error in the drop-down menus. Please use Chrome or Firefox and you'll be able to successfully create your profile. Could you please confirm if this is the case? If the issue persists, please let us know so we can further assist you.

~ Riri

But I also have the same problem in google chrome  so where I can use this plataform? this is incredible.

Hi Karla,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly to assist you with completing your application.


Thank you for your patience.


~ Bojan
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