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Re: Freelancer won't give me his work

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Hi Petra,

Hi Community,



i feel your pain,i truly hate it when other people dont want to do the work.

i am extremely new to upwork and havent been able to get any jobs purely because i havent kept a track of my past portfolios therefore have to start all over again.

i am not like the average person i have a powerful resolve as i ultimately like to stick with a project to its conclusion no matter what obstacles are put in my way , i quickly learn everything  about web design and other web technologies incorporating my passion for problem solving and communicating strategies with other people to enhance the outcome simply making it a win win for everybody involved.


its nice to talk to goodhearted likeminded people on forums such as this, **Edited for Community Guidelines**



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You can't "quickly" learn web design and programming. You can learn a language and what buttons to press, but these things take practice and experience. You can learn a language, but it's not the same as being presented a problem and using your experience and ideas to solve it. Whole different ballgame.


Nobody is going to hand you a project where you need to manage it unless you have experience and know what to do. If you are junior level (which your profile looks like you are), your best bet is to get some real life experience by creating some designs or working with an experienced designer.

I don't always see eye to eye with Jennifer, but she's spot-on here. At the bare minimum, you need to come up with a portfolio of websites you worked on and/or graphics you created, the more the better. Your overview should also start out with specific skills that clients would look for, since often they won't read the whole profile. 

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