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Re: Un-Decline Freelancer Proposal?

My client is new to Upwork, and didn't understand the counter-offer function.  Instead he declined my proposal, and now wants me to resubmit (which the system did not allow me to do).  I read over the directions you provided for him to "re-invite' me to submit a proposal, and sent those to him, thanks.*  However, I also wanted to understand the second part of the solution you offered - to 'make a direct offer.'  How does the client do that? 


*Update:  The system is not allowing the client to re-nvite me to apply for his job!  And as mentioned above, it's not letting me submit another proposal.  PLEASE HELP!  This client and I have discussed via messaging and agreed on a rate, however we are stuck - we can't move forward!   


HI Mari,


You can give your profile link to the client so the client can hire you, the client can click on the button located on the upper right side of your profile to hire you directly.

- Aaron

I'm having the same issue.  Accidentally declined a proposal now can't hire.  No Hire button and can't re-invite the freelancer because they are "interviewing" for the job.  Please help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dan, 

Have you tried the solution that Aaron shared above?

~ Avery

This problem resolved itself with help from Aaron L.  Hire Now link reappeared on the freelancer profile after a day or so.  Thanks though Avery.

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