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Re: "Soon to be Hired" On Fire !!

Screenshot (120).png

Here, You can see here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mehran, 

I would like to confirm that this is a test that is rolled out to a few users only. We are testing out adding new informative banners and boxes to alert clients to facts about Upwork in general, as well as useful details about the freelancers they view.


For example, we might test out adding notes like: “580 freelancers with web design skills were hired in the past 7 days!” or “In Demand! Invited by 27 clients in last month.” These are just examples and we will be testing out various messaging to see if it helps boost client engagement and results in more opportunities for freelancers like you. Our goal is to see if this increases how often clients post a job, contracts, save a freelancer’s profile, etc.

~ Avery

Great, thanks for your time and assistance. 

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