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Re-thinking Job search, Application, Interview & Hire Process

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John O Member Since: Jan 15, 2015
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Working here over the years has always felt lovely. I have a quick suggestion though that you may perhaps want to look at. Is there a way you can look more into the process involved in freelancers getting job and starting to work, as well as clients finding the right freelancer for their work.

I don’t know why but sometimes I really feel like the entire process from the time the client posts a job to the time a freelancer applies, interviews then finally hiring is long and very laborious.

A lot of time is spent in searching for jobs, applying, then waiting for interviews to take off, then waiting for the client to go through tens of applications ,make up their mind and do the hire.

The time consumed is enormous both ways i.e for client and freelancer. Sometimes I stop to look at how much time it takes me to search for a job then start to apply and it can go to over 30 minutes for a single job. I have always felt that if some professional freelancer is able to do a given job to perfection and that freelancer (s) is available in
oDesk, then a client should be able to find this freelancer (s) in a snap and get the job going.

This will even balance out the experience in such a way that no freelancer will have so many jobs at a time while another, equally capable one, is spending the entire day searching and applying. It's a deep issue that may take some time to look at but hope my 2 cent suggestion will kick-start the thinking and debate. Thank you very much for the opportunity once again. oDesk is a great marketplace and I'll forever appreciate it. Thanks guys!

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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Looking at the state of current odesk algorithms like "Auto Hide" , "Recommendations" etc. (aka "Mad Robots") , I would never want odesk to take such decisions. Freelancer's job include having to market himself/herself even if it takes most of his/her time.