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Really difficult to get jobs all the sudden or extremely low rates for US clients


I have been on Upwork for over 2 years now and I have done reasonably well with a 100% job completion rating and I am a top rated freelancer.  And suddenly, out of the blue, I can't close any more jobs. I have always followed the same formula and have worked my way up but now, nothing. 


Looking back at the recent proposals, from invites or what I apply to, they all still seem open, 25-30 open jobs of the what seems legitimate proposals.  Some are very detailed  proposals that are concise with wireframes and everything but no one will get back to me.  I even get invited to really legitimate jobs which I respond to in minutes but the clients just seem to vanish.  Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? 


Thanks in advance


I don't have 2 years of upwork, but I have experienced that a little. When I thought about it I tried a different approach and started to dedicate more time into applying to each job. I really have started a conversation in the cover letter and proposed a trial to the clients. I suceeded doing that.

Try something new, maybe you didn't notice but you got into "automatic mode" while applying. Do something out of the box when applying to caught your client's attention.

Yeah that definately can happen but the formula has worked really well in the past.  They are all 100% custom and I try and really listen and reply to their pain points or the scope.  


But yeah I like that idea, I'll put that to practice the next time I reach out to a potential client because maybe the market has changed a little bit or something. 



Ace Contributor

Same with me. I have try some approach but it's hard to get work. Need good formula's approach