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Really terrible security on Upwork

I opened an account here as a web3 builder a few months ago and have had a much less than great experience. When I first opened my account I got my first gig on here Upwork arbitrarily froze my account and lost my gig (would have been ~20k). Would make you think security is high, but this is definitely not the case. Every other job opportunity I have been offered is a scammer trying to make me run malicious software on my device. Some are very obvious fake names or located in a time zone in the middle of the ocean. I have only got paying gigs from conferences, Discord, and Telegram. Is anyone else in web3 experiencing this? Seems like it is safer to be off of Upwork than on it.

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Upwork clearly does not prioritize security because they let scammers run rampant in an effort to harvest more Connects money.  I refuse to believe the company is doing the best it can when it comes to keeping its users safe.  All evidence is to the contrary.  Why?  Because the C-suite is addicted to Connects revenue.  

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