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Received Negative Feedback Because of Client's Team Quarrel

Hi all,


I've been working with a team of clients for the past few months. It was a team of two clients, **Edited for Community Guidelines**l. They both used to talk to me and provide me the instructions and I used to implement them.


Recently, they both had a quarrel and the **Edited for Community Guidelines**that started the contract under his name left the work. The contract kept going for a couple of more months. **Edited for Community Guidelines**and I kept talking and **Edited for Community Guidelines**never showed up in the meetings(Obviously because he left). One day **Edited for Community Guidelines**ended the contract without informing me and left negative feedback. I didn't do anything to offend **Edited for Community Guidelines**.


Now, **Edited for Community Guidelines**is still talking to me and saying that **Edited for Community Guidelines**is not answering his calls so that he can get the feedback changed. I wrote emails to **Edited for Community Guidelines**he's not responding to me either. 


I decided to talk here. How do I deal with this issue? My profile is affected because of them. JSS fell from 100 to 91.  Nothing wrong was done by me. I can use my feedback removal option but I'm thinking why when I haven't done anything. 


If I write an email to Upwork and ask them to allow **Edited for Community Guidelines**to change the feedback who is part of that chat but is now allowed to see the contract page for some reason?


Any suggestions/help would highly be appreciated. Thanks


Best regards,

Ahmed Yar


Use your perk. Yes, you might not have done anything wrong. Do you want to be right or do you want a better looking profile, attracting more clients? (Hint: the latter.)

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