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Hello, I just completed my first job at oDesk. Worked with a really great client. The contract just closed an hour ago at $70.50, but the payment didn't show up in my transaction history yet. How long does it take for payments to show up? Thanks
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Philip, and welcome to oDesk! It looks like your first job was an hourly contract. The funds earned on an hourly contract become available 10 days after the end of the work week on Monday (after the client review period and the standard security period). Here is more information about the weekly pay schedule.
~ Valeria

I did not received my payment.


re: "I did not received my payment."

Gopal, you did not provide much detail, but I looked at your profile and I can assume this was your first hourly contract and you simply are not accustomed to how hourly contracts work. So the answer to your question is the same as Valeria's answer to Philip's question. You money is working its way through the standard steps and will soon be in your account. Just wait a few days and you will be paid. There is nothing to worry about.

why so many mistakes in payments ?

The mistakes in payments we are talking about in this particular thread are not really mistakes. There are simply new oDesk contractors who are not accustomed to slight time delays in how some things are posted or processed. Most of these things can be solved by just waiting a few more hours.