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Receiving money for travelling

Hi, I would like to ask out the following.


There are some cases on the ones a project may be so big that it is a good idea to discuss it personally.


Suppose I have the following case in a future.


Suppose I have a customer that lives near me and that meeting him personally is not expensive but needs transport, (bus or airplane) to be paid to meet in his/her company and have a meeting in order to discuss the project.


If I would like to ask the customer to pay travelling services, shall this be paid as a milestone or which is the best way to handle this situation while respecting Upwork's terms and conditions?


There are most cases in the ones the projects can be done remotely but there are special cases in the ones a project can be discussed physically once and proceed remotely until its conclusion.


Kind regards.


How many such situations have you had?


In general it makes sense to have the client to book the travel directly, as this avoids having to factor in the Upwork fee.