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Recently Fake clients / Spam jobs on Upwork.

Hi all,

Hope you will be good and staying safe.

I am a regular user of this amazing plateform from 6 years. I remain top rate plus for more than one year. I am top rated from last 4 years. Upwork is the best of the best online job providing site.  I am highlighting very important issue which  both (old and new) freelancers are facing from last 3-4 months.  There are bunch of fake/spam jobs posted on upwork all  the day. We are applying and waisting our connects on these spam jobs. If we scroll upwork screen having 25-30 jobs in front of our screen there are very few which are posted by authentic and good clients. All other are fake / spam.  There are few things which are very commonly used by Fake clients (in spam jobs).

1. Almost all jobs contains contact number i.e Whatsapp number

2. Most of the jobs contains telegram address ( asking freelaner to contact at given telegram address).

3. The price range of these fake jobs is also surprising, old freelaneer can identify the spam job easly. ( For example for data entry job hourly rate will be $100-$500 etc), and for fixed rate job rate will be like $7000, $50000 etc.

I am writing this to bring your concentration towards this issue. If we all freelancer flage these jobs as a spam etc I think we can get rid of this big big issue. 

I am also going to give suggession to Upwork Management as well. The concerned department should also apply some filter criteria so  that fake clients can't post such jobs. ( like filtering word Telegram, Whatsapp number, email address, phone number) for client during job posting can assure that these are fake jobs. 

I think this will be very helpful for all freelancers to work smoothly by using this prestegious plateform.

Have a good day. 


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