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Recently got scammed purposely by a client and suggestions for a warning sign.


For new freelancers that just entered this platform, it is hard to know how to avoid scams.


My recent encounter with this client: **Edited for Community Guidelines** made me believe it would be very beneficial if Upwork can have pop up signs to help freelancers from getting purposely scammed. The offer I got was for $30 and the first milestone was set for $15 to proofread and the second milestone was set for another $15 to pay after his client's approval. 


I thought at the time that it was reasonable and agreed, without realizing that only $15 was funded. Now after a month the guy is still online but is unresponsive to all my messages asking when the next milestone can be set up and approved. By the look of it, he should have hired many freelancers. I am certain I am not the only one who fell for it. 


I have contacted Upwork help team, there is nothing really they can do regarding this issue. I do hope this issue can raise more awareness in the community to better protect the right of all the freelances as well as Upwork market. 


I also believe there should be more pop-up signs to help Upwork users to avoid scams like this and there could be a button to disable it once the user thinks they are fully equipped to function without it.