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Recommendation Score

Hello Upwork Community,


I would like to ask on the instance when does the Recommendation score updates? Got great feedbacks for the past month but the recommendation score isn't moving. Got in touch with Support about this but they don't have any answers on it since I contacted them 10 days ago.


Someone from the support said that its "Clients who would recommend you" stats is updated every day and when you have 5 ended contract with 3 unique clients. Really confused with this and I'm hoping that someone would shed a light on this matter. 🙂


Have a great day everyone and be safe! #WearAMask

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Justin,


The calculation of the "Clients who would recommend you" is refreshed daily but it may only change when there is enough new data for the calculation to be updated. 


Thank you. 

~ Bojan
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