Hi all 

I have and account as Designer and Client. Something baffled me yesterday after posting a new job Upwork.

I was looking for a conceptual designer who has agency experience and Degree in graphics to help me out on few projects. 

Upwork,  rcommended freelancers with 0h and not a single review ? How can you be recommended with 0h ?!

I find this quite surprising as a freelancer I just want to close my account in  protest.

Thank you 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Viola,


Like in your case, new users can have years of experience off Upwork but since they are new on Upwork, don't yet have any reviews on their profiles.


Regarding the job you posted, please note that you need your clients' permission to allow other users to work on their jobs. Please consider creating an Agency and adding team members, who then could be hired by the client and work on their contract as a team.