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Recommended Jobs - No Longer Working?

Since in my area there can be hundreds of jobs published every day, I used to see the Recommended Jobs tab on my job feed to find relevant postings. However, after one of the recent changes in the system, I always see the message below. I was hoping that, after submitting a few proposals, I would see my recommended jobs again, but it hasn't happened. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?


(BTW, my profile is, of course, 100% complete).




personally, I don't see this

do you have any saved search results?

Yes, I have a long list of saved search results. My Recommended Jobs tab used to work perfectly before, but it just stopped suddenly about a month ago Smiley Frustrated

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nicolas,


I could replicate the issue you are having and am going to escalate it to our engineers for further investigation.


Thanks for letting us know.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


I came across the same issue this morning and found this related post on the forum.


My profile is 100% complete, though I am not able to use the recommended job option, it says 'Complete your profile then search for jobs and submit proposals to jobs you like', see also screenshot.


Just curious to hear if this issue is being dealt with, or if there is something else I would need to do in order to use the recommended search tool?




Hi Darren,


Thanks for posting about the problem you're having in the Community. I do see the message you mentioned and will ask our team to investigate and follow up with you directly with an update.


I'd also recommend you set up a job feed as described here.

~ Vladimir