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Referring Freelancer and how

Is it okay if I refer my 'Freelancer Friend's profile' to my client or prospect on Upwork? I mean, sometimes my clients ask task for which I feel, I'm not too much expert or I don't have time to do, but I do have someone in my mind whom I think would be a better fit for that task & whom I would like to refer.so it possible and how to refer him?

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Yes, of course you may refer clients to other freelancers.


If a client asks you to do something that you don't know how to do, or even if it's not something you are really a specialist in and other people would do a better job, then it is a GOOD THING to suggest that the client HIRE SOMEBODY ELSE.


If you know of somebody who you think can do a good job, then yes, you can tell the client about that person.


There is no special button or procedure for that. Just tell them who the person is.

so refering their profile links to client is fine?

re: "so refering their profile links to client is fine?"


Totally fine.

Just think about this logically.


Upwork is a business. You are basically doing something to IMPROVE the experience that Upwork customers (clients) are having. This will INCREASE customer satisfaction.

And you are doing so by suggesting that clients hire OTHER freelancers on UPWORK, which leads to additional revenue for Upwork.


I'm not sure why you would imagine this would be against the rules. It's fine.

'I'm not sure why you would imagine this would be against the rules. It's fine."


Upwork is, shall we say, far more concerned with form over function. About a year ago I tried to talk with a Russian engineer I wanted to hire. UW's internet voice/audio chat function wouldn't work, and she sent me a message saying that UW would fire her if she talked to me offline. Intimidation is highly effective in preventing clients and freelancers from creating value for one another.


When I accept work, my only loyalty is to the client. I don't go outside UW for invoicing or payment, but otherwise I'll do what it takes to serve my client's needs. I've referred dozens of prospective clients to other freelancers who could do a job better, faster or cheaper than I.

Right! I think so. 


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