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Refresh search for current Job Postings * without * having to start new contract

Dear OD - As a client (someone who hires)... I would love to be able to refresh a * current * Job Posting to get more applicants - without having to End The Contract....then....create a New Contract just for it to appear higher (and newer) on their list of job offers. Every time I post a new (but similar) contract like "Wanted: Content Writer" - I get MANY of the same unqualified contractors. It would save my SO much time - being able to categorize them as "not a good fit" and not have to deal with them again. Right now - the only way to make a Job Offer rise to the top of a contractor's search is to create a Brand New Job Offer - and it starts the process all over again. And - Or - it would be great to be able to tag a contractor as IGNORE and never see their profile again. IGNORE also would be a great feature. Thanks, John