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Refund Mistakenly

I have received a refund notification in lasat week  & it deduct my 1 week work, but i don't know why, please givge me a solution ASAP & plz tell me how i can get back this payment, thanks.


Did you log time manually?

Yes i did


I think Khan added time manually and the client changed or removed his payment method that's why Upwork made a refund.

yeah, this can be happen, but now what to do??

Well, right now you can't do anything you are not covered by Upwork hourly protection as protection doesn't apply to manual time.


Be careful next time use team app add memos and keep the activity good.

Muhammad is completely right.


Khan: nothing is wrong here.

This was not a "mistaken refund."


There are very simple rules that apply to hourly work on Upwork.


The client played by the rules. Upwork played by the rules.


You will not get the money back. Those are the rules.


If you log time using the time-tracking software and follow the other rules, then your payment is guaranteed.

@Preston H wrote:

The client played by the rules. Upwork played by the rules.

 The client almost certainly did NOT play by the rules. Usually, in fact almost exclusively, this happens when the client fails to pay Upwork, in other words when Upwork tried to charge the hours the client's payment method declined the charge.


This is assuming there was no dispute. Presumably the OP would have told us if there had been.


The only way the OP will get paid is if the client fixes the issues with their payment method and pays via a bonus.


Not paying for work done and handed over is not "playing by the rules!" Which is why the client's account will be suspended by now.


I had input my work by odesk team app, so i think the client payment system is an issue

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Khan,


I'm sorry about the outcome of this contract. I see there was a problem with the client's payment method and the hours you've logged in didn't qualify for our Hourly Protection. Please refer to the notification our team sent you last week for more details and feel free to follow up on the ticket if you have any questions.



re: "The client almost certainly did NOT play by the rules."



Good points and observations.


I thought that the client had officially disputed the manually-logged hours. You're right to say that my assumption was unwarranted, and Vladimir confirmed that this was not the case in this situation.

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