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Refund before Approval of Milestone

Hello there,
I'm still kinda new to Upwork and need help. My journey so far has been smooth but now I'm facing a difficult client which I regret taking on in the first place.

I had to write cold emails for a client and when I submitted her the work she asked for one revision but after that she said she liked them but didn't approve the milestone.

Few days later she comes to me and tells me that my emails didn't work while not considering the fact there are so many factors apart from writing that gets responses in email marketing.

I would of course give her another rewrite but I can tell by her current attitude that she's still gonna be difficult. After I'll rewrite again I'll probably offer her a refund (milestone has NOT been approved) So I have two questions in this regard:

1. Would she be able to leave feedback after I refund her myself?
2. How would this affect my JSS.

P.S. She has given bad ratings to freelancers previously. She expected me to start working without funding the milestone and bargained hard so I'm not expecting any good out of her despite how hard I try.
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Hi Mahnoor,


When you're working on fixed price contracts you will need to submit the work on the milestone created for you. After 14 days the funds will be transferred to your account if no actions are taken on the milestone. Keep in mind that if you resubmit the work again you will reset the 14 days period. To learn more details about fixed price protection, check out this Help Article.


When a contract is closed you and your client will be able to provide feedback for each other. The feedback will be included in your JSS calculation. However, if you haven't earned anything the contract will not be listed on your profile.

In order for a contract to be listed on your profile funds needs to be exchanged. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for the reply Goran. I know about the funds transfer after 14 days feature. But I'm not looking to get my funds. The client hasn't asked for refund but I myself want to place it to avoid negative feedback and risk hurting JSS.

So my question was how would this refund impact my JSS?

Hi Mahnoor,


Once the contract is closed the client will be able to provide feedback. The feedback that you will receive will be included in your JSS calculation. Thank you.

~ Goran
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