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Refund connects when application's withdrawn, please

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Mark C Member Since: Apr 22, 2015
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Hello to all,


I am just lurking around the forums and this is the first time I am trying to comment on something. And I feel like I have to.


I am one of those voices that's been hurt badly since Connects been introduce.


I wish what @Andy says can be reconsidered and applied sooner and @Robert, lucky you  have 4 more (or lets say two more applications to go) I am out of it.


I am going to withdraw application that I applied for two days past and expect that I will never get my connects back because obviously 4-5  of my applications have been declined and my connects didn't refresh like when we used to have 20-25 free applications and needed to wait one more week to refresh them.


Please oDesk, don't make this a profit like what Elance do.


You can do better than this.


There are far more things need to improve than us paying and sticking with Connects, we are okay with the former application system and need not to be change.


Like scan the unverified clients that are just spams.. captcha jobs are still out there.. lazy clients that are unverified and do not respond for at least 3-5 working days.. I experienced that I applied for a job on December and still on my list up to this day that needs to be archived after a month or so automatically. Now I also need to remove my application.

And as a follow up question about that, what do u do to clients when we submit to withdraw in a reason of unresponsive client? do u warn or penalized them as such?


You see. there's a lot more ways to improve not just making a profit We understand its still a business but WE all need to pay the bills we have, not just YOU.


Kind Regards,



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Raquel C Member Since: Dec 2, 2015
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if so, why do they have to gain profit when upwork always does everytime we get hired, right? we pay 10% of our income. this is abuse, i have no more connects. and my contracts were ended. 

until now they haven't taken action about this problem.

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Edward G Member Since: Sep 22, 2014
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What conditions will cause oDesk to cancel a job posting?  If a poster tries to solicit me to communicate and work outside oDesk, is that enough reason?  If freelancers know what causes cancellations, we can report violators to site management and get our connects freed up.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Edward,


Offering to work and pay outside of oDesk is one of the reasons why a job posting will be closed by oDesk Team. Requesting illegal service or free work will also result in the posting being removed. You can find all the policies regarding job postings here.

~ Valeria
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Aleksandra K Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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I don’t understand why do you think that 60 connects per month is not enough. If you filter the jobs you apply taking into consideration whether you are qualified for the job, whether the budget is suitable, the time when the job was posted and the number of applicants who are currently interviewed it should be easy to apply for the right job. Even if you are left with the right to apply to 10 jobs, one of them would most definitely be a hit.

However, I believe that newbies should be given more connects, as it is always difficult to find a job if you don’t have a feedback or previous work experience.

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Nail Y Member Since: Jul 18, 2015
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Thank you very much for making this suggestion (before me)! I will be happy to see this implemented. Clients do not care about freelancers losing their credits (connects) to apply to their non-responsive jobs but Upwork should care.

Community Leader
Nicole H Member Since: Nov 15, 2007
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Valeria-I just received some very unsatisfactory support regarding a related issue. I don't apply for jobs often but I wanted to start applying again. I applied for a job and on the application page there was a question from the client. I put a very brief sentence there thinking there would be a second page to the application where I could enter more details in a cover letter but when I clicked the button at the bottom of the page, I found my application submitted. The only way I could modify what I entered was to withdraw the application and reapply. However, I lost the connects from the first time I applied.


I contacted support to ask that these connects lost be restored since I was only trying to modify my application. The support person gave me a bunch of canned script "I apologize for the inconvenience" but said she couldn't do that. I asked her in the end whether the reason she couldn't do it was policy related or technical and she said it was policy. However, policies are applied by human beings and if she had reviewed my account she could have seen that 1-I withdrew my application immediately after submitting it. 2-The reason I inputted for withdrawing my application was that the application got submitted before I was ready to submit it and I wanted to add more info and I indicated that I would reapply in my notes before I even withdrew, 3-I reapplied a few minutes later. I don't see any logical reason I should be denied the connects that were taken away from me.


The fact that she is saying it is a policy issue and not a techincal issue is very bad PR for the company. I have worked on oDesk since 2007 and have logged more than 6000 hours. The support agent's response came across to me as treating me like I was trying to game the system and that was insulting. She could fix it but she just didn't want to.


I would escalate this issue privately to her supervisor but I don't see a way to do that, so I am posting it here. I look forward to your assistance. Thank you.



Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Nicole.


I am sorry about the inconvenience. I will follow up with the team about your ticket.




~ Valeria
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Antonio A Member Since: Jul 15, 2015
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I absolutely agree. Connects should be refunded when the application is withdrawn specially when the job is kind of dubious.


I've seen a lot of jobs posted that I think isn't serious enough to be legitimate.


The warning signs I've seen is the client just signed up, has no hires, no payment verification. I hope UpWork can come up with a way to filter out these suspicious jobs/clients who have no intention of hiring anyone at all.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I just received some very unsatisfactory support"


I am never disappointed by customer service because:


I try to avoid interacting with them in any way unless it is absolutely required to resolve an issue THEY instigated;


I maintain incredibly low expectations regarding the quality of service.


Basically, any interaction with them in which I am not physically injured or completely deleted from the Internet is an encounter I regard as successful.