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Refund from Paypal

Hi Team, Just wanted to know that, can I get money back to my Upwork account which I transferred to PayPal.. Please help. Regards, Prashant
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Community Manager

Hi Prashant, 

I can confirm that the transaction is successful on our end. There are times when it takes 24-hours for a withdrawal to reflect on a user's Paypal account. If your withdrawn earnings still hasn't reflected in your Paypal account after 24-hours, please reach out to us here or directly through our Customer Support Team so that they can issue a trace for you. 

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Thank you for the information, I have received the payment in the Paypal account, My question is, is there a way it can be refunded back to my Upwork account from Paypal?




Hi Team, Is there a way get my money refunded to Upwork account, which I have transferred to PayPal. Please help. Regards, Prashant

Is there a way I can get the refund to my Upwork account, which I have transfered to Paypal account.

Since the withdrawal has already been processed, the team is unable to refund this back to your Upwork account, Prashant. You may need to check with Paypal's Customer Support if it is still possible on their end. 

~ Avery
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