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Refund given to client



I was working with a client on an hourly based contract, everything went well and the contract was ended and the amount was released. But now today I got a message that the amount is refunded to the client.

I want to know the reason and what is the solution.



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Manual time. Don't do it anymore.

Now that I have done it, what is the resolution?

re: "Now that I have done it, what is the resolution?"


The resolution is that you will avoid using manual time in the future.


Manually-logged time is PERFECTLY FINE as long as the clients you work for are 100% honest.

But if a client doesn't want to pay you for your manually-logged time, she can ask Upwork to remove your hours so she doesn't need to pay.


You can not get the money back for something that happened in the past. You must not try to get that money back. Only try to use manual time wisely in the future.

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