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Refund notification Payment through bonus

Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me.

I have an hourly contract, in which my client has had problems with the payment card and after two weeks of work the corresponding payments have not been made, at the time I received a refund notification from Upwork. Also, my client at that time stopped the contract.

Right now he has already reactivated the contract, but I still haven't received the money for those two weeks, is there any way he can pay me?

Thank you all,

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I hope this can help. Even though the contract was stopped, your client can still pay you through a "bonus" on Upwork. This acts like a one-time manual payment outside the regular hourly billing cycle.

If there are concerns about the client's payment method, you can discuss restarting the project with a new contract. This allows you to request a different or milestone payment method before continuing work.

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