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Hi, Please I want to know if I refunded a client the whole amount he paid so he actually pay me nothing, will his review will be public on my profile? (As in the help section on Upwork said that if the client paid me less than 1$ the review will not appear on my public profile)

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You should asked yourself why you should refund. Did you mess up the job or did the client tell you, you would get a negative feedback? A refund is the last resort because it means you worked for free.

I've done about half the work, and it not the way he liked so he was not responding for some days and then I found him paid me the whole amount in the contract yesterday, so I think he gonna give me a bad reviews, soI was asking if I give him the whole amount back he would be able to give a feedback on my public profile 

It is an hourly contract so the client has to pay for the time. The only way the client can refuse to pay is if you did not track the time properly to qualify for payment protection.


Did you create everything in your portfolio?

It was a fixed contract for 20$ so I don't want to have a public bad review on my profile for 20$, I've done a part of the job and it was not his style so I have no problem to refund him a the he paid just not to have a bad review on my public profile ( just in case he do that)

Btw the money still on the pending list and the contract is not closed it was a milestone and the only milestone on the contract

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1. Did the client ask for a revision at any point?


2. Did you create all the items in your portfolio?

I'm a video editor my task it to make 5 small videos for Instagram reels, he send me the footage of the first video only which is little shaky and not very professional, and just asked me a reference video and asked me to be creative, I've done the video and he didn't like it ( I've done this 3 times so I gave him 3 revisions for the first video ) and then I told him that that I might be not his style and before it I offered him a refund, but he didn't respond ( the contract was month ago and still opened ), and I surprised yesterday that he give me the only milestone in the contract, and then I told him to refund him after this but he didn't respond till now.

So I don't want him to give me bad review as it is my first review ( I've a lot of clients which is satisfied with my work we working for long term so the still didn't give me reviews)

That's the whole story so I could you answer me 

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